Real Pro Data Solutions backup and hosting service provides you with an easy way to host all of your businesses applications and data.

Web Hosting: Your website is stored safely in our datacenter. It is hosted in our reliable environment and always available.

Application Hosting: Your application is running and available for your customers, supported by one of our engineers who is always available to assist you.

Email Hosting: From individual accounts, to dedicated Sendmail, Qmail, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or a variety of other email applications, your email is just a click away!

Dedicated Server Hosting: The ultimate way to host your website, email or application is with your very own dedicated server. If you already have a server we can host and manage it for you. If you need a server, we can help you purchase one, configure it and host it or we can lease you a server that meets your needs. We are here for you every step of the way and can grow with you from your first website all the way to an enterprise setup!

Remote Backup Storage: Your data is stored safely in our datacenter. It is off-site and therefore safe in the event of a disaster.

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